December 6, 2012 7PM
DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Ümloud! 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012
7pm - Late-Night | 18+

Ümloud! 2012 is a night for gamers to get together, rock out and raise money for Child's Play Charity. But really, Ümloud! is the rockingest night of your life.

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The Ümloud! 2012 Flyer

Ümloud! 2012 Flyer Ümloud! 2012 Flyer

Color | B & W

The Most Unique Rock Show in the World

Experience a rock concert like you have never seen before! Over 28 bands will perform for you LIVE on stage at DNA Lounge! If they're doing it right, you won't notice they're playing Rock Band 3.

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Get Free Stuff!

Just for walking in the door, you'll get free stuff donated from various members of the game community and beyond! We have to say "While supplies last", but there's plenty of stuff to go around!

Best. Raffle. Ever.

Want to win some high-end rhythm gaming gear? How about unique, one-of-a-kind swag only given out to fancy games journalists? The Ümloud! raffle will be packed full of jaw-dropping prizes, which we'll be giving away all night long.

Silent Auction

We'll also have some crazy game swag and rare items that are just too good to be raffled. The sort of thing that would fetch insane amounts of money on eBay but that you'll have the opportunity to bid on against your fellow Ümloud! attendees.

And all this for a donation of just $15 at the door or $10 online, every penny of which will go to Child's Play. Oh, and Ümloud! is an 18+ event, so leave the kids at home.

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